Happy to share this—I was able to carve out some time to make my limited edition holiday cards this year, after a year’s hiatus.

Inspiration: A view of the sunset from a friend’s home in Bernal Heights. I love the silver agains the glow of the sky.

As a designer rooted in CAD, I did the original drawings in Illustrator.

Designing for a handmade piece, I know the final design will morph. I tossed around a few different elements and ideas, like the gold dots, knowing they would require some real world experimenting.

An early test. This uses metallic gouache instead of printing ink, which gives a great shine but is almost impossible to print with. Also felt the diamonds were too busy.

An experiment with a more literal building reference. Too literal?

Maybe the background is unnecessary? Pretty, but more traditional than what I was going for.

Maybe the background is unnecessary? Pretty, but more traditional than what I was going for.

And, the final version, this year in two sizes.

Now for production!

Much gratitude to George, my freelance printer and handyman of art, who helped make 200 cards a reality!

My intention for 2019:

An abundance of inspiration, creativity, and fun projects for us all!


Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season!

This year I was inspired to do a  set of limited edition cards to share holiday wishes...A further exploration into getting my hands dirty.  The card was created with a hand cut linoleum block printed  on a deep blue background.  

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making process:

Design draft, inspired by deco motifs and laid out to suggest a pine tree.

The carved linoleum block.

Technique and palette trials.

Painting the ground.

Painted cards ready for printing.

Burnishing tools.  Once the block is inked, the paper is applied, then the back of the paper is burnished to transfer the ink from the block to the paper.

Inking the block.

Production in full swing.

One of the final pieces...each card was a bit different, which added to the interest of the project.

I'm now working on a small collection of lino-cut allover patterns and will post them soon in Explorations.

All my best for an inspired year!