The Real Thing

With over 20 years of experience, Saana Baker creates elegant and timeless textiles, rugs, bedding, and wallpaper for numerous clients. Quality is both benchmark and hallmark of her work—from communication through the finished product.

Baker begins by working with clients to envision the end product and define a framework. To keep the process focused from concept to execution, she creates a visual presentation using images, swatches, palette direction, key words and concepts to create a shared touchstone.  Baker creates designs, commissions art, or procures documents to realize the vision of each collection.

With a deep interest in technical detail, Baker sees the product development process as an opportunity to work with suppliers to re-imagine techniques and re-frame limitations.

Nuances of color, evocative patterns, and subtle detailing are central to her aesthetic. 

Saana brings a profound level of care and attention to her work and creates designs that resonate and become beloved.