The Real Deal

I have been relentlessly focused on quality for most of my career, with 20+ years experience creating textiles, rugs, bedding and wallpaper for high-end companies. My goal has always been to create designs that resonate — pieces that envelop your senses. With a passion for the technical bordering on geekiness, I work with suppliers to reinvent technique and freshen product lines. The nuance of color, the mood created by pattern, and the potential to create a piece that will inspire; these are the concepts that keep me excited and engaged. My process involves communication, I will ask questions and generate lots to talk about and you will be amazed at what we come up with together. In the end you will have a collection that is meaningful, innovative and uniquely beautiful.

SB Portrait 1.jpg

My Promise

To establish clear communication and open dialogue regarding our projects.  I will be available throughout the process and be fully engaged.  Defining deliverables and clarifying questions will pave the way for a successful collaboration.

To craft a vision for each collection that balances clients’ needs, creative innovation, and the tastes and desires of the end user. I thrive on collaborative work, and love to help each client define and manifest their own unique vision.

To bring my ability to visualize end product and my refined colorist’s eye to every project, ensuring design work of the highest quality.

To contact my clients regarding the outcome and success of my collections.


Thank You,